Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Which classes should you pick your freshman year of college?

 Picking classes freshman year is a no brainer right? Wrong! There is a strategy to how you should select your classes your freshman year to ensure that you have a successful start to college. Keep in mind that 35% of students drop out of college during their freshman year and according to The Education Trust, only 63% of students who enroll in a four year university will earn their degree ( 
  Here are a few key pieces of advice to help you start off on the right foot. The first thing that you should do is set up your campus orientation visit for as early as possible this summer. The reason being is that most schools won’t allow you to register for your classes until you’ve gone through orientation. If you get it done early, you’ll be able to register before other students who haven’t gone through registration. 
  Once you are able to register for classes you want to keep something in mind. You are going to find it incredibly difficult to motivate yourself to attend early morning and late evening classes. Do your best to not schedule any classes that begin before 9am or after 6pm. You want to organize your classes so that once you get on campus you can go from class to class without any enormous breaks. It doesn’t hurt to have a good lunch break somewhere in there. And if possible, have a little time after lunch for that post lunch food coma. There are plenty of places on campus to crash for half an hour, (i.e. Starbucks, library, MU, etc) and you don’t want to go home during the day. I was religious about attending class in college and even I found it difficult to get up and go back to class after I’d come home during the day.
  How you set up your classes freshman year can mean the difference between a successful start to college and potential disaster. If you are an incoming freshman looking for some advice or you’ve got a great story about your freshman year throw in a reply:)

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